• 13, 2018  Congratulations to Qian-qian Yan who applied for China Scholarship Council successfully. Currently she is going to Clever Group in Dortmund University of Technology for pursuing her PhD.
  • 08, 2018  Congratulations to Dr Li-peng Zhou who was promoted to master tutor!
  • 08, 2018  Congratulations to Dr Xiao-zhen Li who won the first prize for graduate scholarship!
  • 08, 2018  Congratulations to Qian-qian Yan and Shao-chuan Li on passing their M.S. viva with No correction!
  • 08, 2018  Congratulations to Dr Xiao-zhen Li on passing her PhD viva with No corrections!
  • 12, 2018  Our new website has launched.
  • 09, 2018  Congratulations to Lixuan Cai on her J. Am. Chem. Soc.paper! [10.1021/jacs.8b00394]
  • 03, 2018  Congratulations to Xiaozhen Li on her Nat. Commun.paper! [10.1038/s41467-018-02940-7]
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This is a very young and energetic research team  (established in September 2013). Opportunities and challenges coexist. We welcome graduate  and postdoctoral students who are interested in supramolecular chemistry and physical organic chemistry to join us and create a better future!

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Address:155 Yangqiao Road West Fuzhou,350002,P.R.China
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